Transitional Care

Transitional care is the preferred setting for community members requiring post-acute care. It provides patients with the opportunity to receive needed care, close to home. Lawrence Medical Center’s Transitional Care services are a cost-effective way for individuals to get the care they need

If you’re looking for a rehab setting outside of a nursing home, have recently had knee/hip/back surgery or have been in the hospital for at least three days but are not quite strong enough to go home, Lawrence Medical Center is the place for you.

Our team would love the opportunity to help you transition at your own pace. Contact our Case Management Department at 256-974-2192. Try us now!

7 Traits for a Good Candidate

  1. Has recently undergone orthopedic surgery and wants to rehab close to home.
  2. Had a 3-night hospital stay within the last 30 days.
  3. Requires a service such as physical or occupational therapy.
  4. Has good rehab potential.
  5. Does not need inpatient hospital care, but still needs time to improve.
  6. Is at risk of readmission to the hospital.
  7. Healthcare recipient with available rehab days.